Robot lawn mover 20 Presidents Day deals that’ll make your home cleaner than it’s ever been

Robot lawn mover 20 Presidents Day deals that’ll make your home cleaner than it’s ever been

Robot lawn mover

Regardless of how you feel about the current POTUS, or who you’re supporting in the coming election, we can all agree on one thing: Presidents Day sales are great. Nothing screams America more than good ol’ fashioned consumerism, after all.

In honor of Presidents Day 2020, you can slash an extra 15% off these already-discounted home accessories when you enter the code PRESIDENT15 at checkout in the Mashable Shop.

Robot lawn mover Under $100

iTouchless 16-Gallon Dual-Deodorizer Round Open-Top Trash Can

This large 16-gallon stainless steel trash can features an open top for quick, on-the-go disposals, yet traps odors inside the can with dual-deodorizers. It also uses air vents to make removing full trash bags effortless. Usually on sale for $92.99, it’s just $79.04 when you use the code PRESIDENT15 at checkout.

iTouchless 13-Gallon Pet-Proof Sensor Trash Can with Wheels

Featuring a PetGuard lock, motion-sensing technology, and an AbsorbX odor filter, this trash can is perfect for pet owners and germaphobes. It prevents nosy dogs and cats from getting into it and opens with a simple wave of your hand. Win-win. Use the code PRESIDENT15 to slash the $104.95 price tag down to just $67.99.

Elicto Super Sweeper SS-130

Revolutionize your cleaning routine by adding the Elicto Super Sweeper into the mix. Its six-blade design rolls, digs, and wipes to remove even the smallest and finest dust particles from your floors. Save a few bucks now and get it for just $20.40 when you use the code PRESIDENT15.

iTouchless 13-Gallon and 2.5-Gallon Automatic Sensor Trash Cans

Add these 13- and 2.5-gallon trash cans to your home for completely hands-free trash disposal. Both units use infrared sensors to automatically open, and eco-friendly odor filters to keep things smelling fresh. Originally, this set of trash cans would cost you $159.95, but you can use the code PRESIDENT15 to get it for $84.99.

RevoClean® 4-in-1 Drill Brush Cleaning Kit: 2-Pack

Got a power drill? This 4-in-1 Cleaning Kit can instantly turn it into a professional scrubber to tackle any stain on any surface. It includes a nylon round brush, a ball brush, a non-scratch scrubber, and a non-scratch sponge for different cleaning needs. Save over 40% when you use the code PRESIDENT15 at checkout and get a two-pack for just $21.24

Brush Hero®: Deluxe Set

This cleaning brush attaches to any standard-size garden hose and uses an impressive amount of torque to blast dirt and grime from all the hard-to-reach places around your home (think door handles, grills, windows, bikes, cars, etc.) Usually $49.99, the Brush Hero Deluxe Set is now available for $42.49 with the code PRESIDENT15.

InstaSweep Hard Floor Surface Sweeper

This sweeper uses two outer brushes to pull in dirt and debris and an inner brush to whisk it into the storage pan for extra convenience. Save yourself lots of cleaning time with the InstaSweep Hard Floor Surface Sweeper, on sale for $21.24 when you use the code PRESIDENT15.

Robot lawn mover Under $200

AXIS Gear: Smart Blinds Controller

After just a five-minute DIY installation process, you can turn any window shades in your home into smart blinds thanks to AXIS Gear. You can then control them through the smartphone app or touch strip controls to save you the struggle. Usually $249, this smart blinds controller is available for just $191.24 when you use the code PRESIDENT15.

iTouchless Titan 17-Gallon Swing-Top Stainless Steel Trash Can

This 17-gallon trashcan features a swing lid that keeps trash out of sight and odors contained, plus air vents in the base to make bag removal effortless. With the code PRESIDENT15, you can get it now for just $101.99.

Elicto ES-530 Electronic Cordless Spin Mop and Polisher

Ordinary mops don’t stand a chance next to the Elicto ES-530. It combines three elements – mopping, polishing, and scrubbing – to make cleaning your floors more efficient and effective. It’s totally wireless and will work for up to 30 minutes before needing recharging. Usually $149, it’s just $126.65 when you use the code PRESIDENT15.

iTouchless AutoStep Pro 13-Gallon Step-Sensor Trash Can

Nobody wants to touch germ-filled trash cans, which is why iTouchless created the AutoStep Pro. It features step-sensors that allow it to open wide enough and long enough to throw away whatever you need to, plus AbsorbX activated carbon filters to naturally repel any odors. Originally $179.95, it’s now over 40% off — just $101.99 when you use the code PRESIDENT15.

Elicto ES-500 Electric Corded Spin Mop and Polisher

With two sets of microfiber mop heads and dual-spin technology, this 250RPM spin mop and polisher makes cleaning any floor easy and efficient. Plus, the 180-degree swivel joint and a 25-foot long cord allow for ultimate flexibility. Grab one now for $101.15 when you use the code PRESIDENT15.

Elicto ES-100 Waterproof Telescopic Power Scrubber

With five different rotating heads featuring 90-degree angle spin, this waterproof telescopic scrubber provides heavy-duty cleaning for your home, swimming pool, car, walls, glass, and any other places that need handheld cleaning. Save 15% at checkout when you use the code PRESIDENT15 and get it for just $101.15.

Robot lawn mover Under $300

Elicto Everybot RS500 Robotic Spin Mop and Polisher

The Elicto Everybot takes things a step further thanks to its built-in powerful 5,700RPM motor and rotating dual-spin microfiber mops that eliminate dust and leave any surface sparkling clean. It features seven modes to optimize your cleaning experience and remote control to easily operate it. Usually $279, it’s one sale for $237.15 when you use the code PRESIDENT15.

HOBOT 198: Glass Cleaning Robot

Get sparkling glass without putting in the effort using the fool-proof HOBOT 198 Glass Cleaning Robot. It features high rotating speed and smartphone integrations, making cleaning so much more efficient. Stick it to your windows or doors and watch as it glides across the surface, scrubbing without a scratch. Originally $399, you can get this glass-cleaning robot for $297.49 when you enter the code PRESIDENT15 at checkout.

Star 7: Modern DC Motor LED Ceiling Fan

Enhance your space with this 52-inch modern ceiling fan, which provides six-speed variations and aesthetic LED lighting. You can easily control it with the included remote and set the perfect ambiance for your room. Save over 30% when you use the code PRESIDENT15 at checkout and get the Star 7 for $224.40.

Robot lawn mover Under $400

Star Tripod 16-inch Stand Fan

This 16-inch fan features full metal fans with die-cast parts, and hardwood tripod legs to give it a uniquely vintage aesthetic. There are three-speed variations to choose from and well-balanced impellers to allow for maximum airflow. Usually retailing for $449, you can slash the price down to $305.99 with the code PRESIDENT15.

HOBOT LEGEE-669: Vacuum Mop 4-in-1 Robot

The Hobot Legee-669 is what would happen if the Roomba and a super-sophisticated mop joined forces. It effectively vacuums, wipes, sprays, and mops your floors using an AI smart spray and a D-shaped design. Just set it and be on your way. You can get it for just $365.49 with the code PRESIDENT15.

HOBOT-298: Window Cleaning Robot

Never look at smudges on your windows again, thanks to the Hobot 298, which glides across them spraying a micro-mist of cleaner or water to scrub off any impurities without any effort from you. It’s usually $499, but you can use the code PRESIDENT15 to get it for just $365.49.

Robot lawn mover Under $500

POWER8® Create Plus All-In-One Multi-function Combo Tool Kit

The Power8 is the world’s smallest, yet expandable tool kit, so you can gear up for virtually any situation. It’s centered around an innovative case and the unique UniGrip system and combines a hammer drill, circular saw, orbital jigsaw, drill press, table saw, scroll saw, and more, saving you time and space when working. Usually $549, you can slash the price down to just $466.65 using the code PRESIDENT15.

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